Awareness about internet scams.

We all belong to this modern era and we have our rights to use modern technology. Back then, when everything was done manually like sending letters, stocks, etc. But now everything has been pushed up. Just a single click and you are done.

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The scam is something you might be aware of. Back to ’90s, it was literally few cases of scams but From 2015 to 2019, there were around 10.2$Billion losses according to FBI Internet complaint center report

The term “scam” is what anonymous people use internet services to fraud others and take their financial gain.

Online Shopping

Everyone does online shopping and that is common nowadays. But be aware that most of the scams are done with online shopping. For example, you have ordered something else and they delivered you something else, sounds creepy right. And sometimes, you order and receive nothing, but they get their money instead. They are a lot of fake websites, from where you shouldn’t order anything. These are the most trustworthy websites.

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Email Scam

What if you wake up someday and check your phone. Suddenly, there is an email for you that says “You have won a certain amount of money”.

To get rid of these, just ignore them or make a report that may help investigators who really it was.

About all of that, clicking any link which is provided on that email, can lead to various consequences such as tracking of the phone number, credit card details.

In percentage, the annual email spam rate is decreasing. It was 55 percent in 2018 but now it is 28.5% in 2019

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Romantic diaries

Romantic scams are mostly taken place through emails as well, but nowadays scammers are using social media to make an attachment.

Firstly, they try to be as close as they can and build their trust deeply. They can ask for your videos and pictures as well. They will always make excuses for not showing themselves or we can say not correctly identifying themselves. Foremost, in the end, they will ultimately blackmail you(If you are not agreeing in transferring the money). It’s better to know whom you are contacting through online chats and email.

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Crypto and bitcoin

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In this transforming world, everyone wants to be wealthy. Cryptocurrency knows as bitcoin has taken over the world in a quick time. But they are a lot of companies which probably going to encourage you to invest your money in exchange for coins(ICO) and surely the hackers will claim that’s going to make you rich.

Sometimes, these companies do actually exist but the coins they are going to provide you is either going to be useless or very risky. And they tend to scam you more because they will have your information.


In a nutshell, we must be very careful while subscribing any of the above. Because in no time, your life would be miserable. There is no harsh in using the internet but do research sometimes before taking a step.



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